Music Projects

Oliver Pigott


All of Oliver's music ensembles (LambLion, The Pigott Brothers, The Celebration Army, Draguer) feature his original singing and songwriting.

Oliver is currently working on a forthcoming solo album in the USA under his new name, "Vertigo Pilot."

The Pigott Brothers

Harmony-driven acoustic pop

Oliver and Sebastian -aka The Pigott Brothers- shot to national fame on the last season of Canadian Idol as the first sibling finalists in the franchise’s history.

The two got their start in the band Laughing Sam’s Dice, who made waves in the Toronto Indie Scene in the early 2000s with appearances on CBC’s Jonovision and profiles in The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.

The Brothers’ blistering debut album “Pigottry” and the MuchMusic video for its single “Rich Man” were released to wide acclaim. This was followed by the overwhelmingly received release of their love song “Alien Like You”, which they wrote for Sebastian’s rock star character Kai in the international hit television series “Being Erica”.

Their second album, “The Age Of Peace”, was recorded, mixed and mastered at CBC Studios in Toronto. It was released September 14th, 2012.

When their busy schedules allow, the brothers have been known to collaborate on new material.  Talks of a 3rd album are always in the air, but yet to be confirmed.  One thing is for certain, the power-duo forged in brotherhood and love lives on in the hearts of Canadians and fans across the globe.   




LAMBLION, the Toronto husband-and-wife duo, has been honing their sound since 2019, an enigmatic mix of indie folk and Americana with indie rock undertones. Drawing from early lives spent in Portugal and Serbia, their music weaves divine lyrical abstraction into otherworldly harmony and melody, the extreme vocal highs and lows often transcending traditional male-female dynamics. 

WAR marks their first official release on all digital platforms. Produced by Toronto-based Thomas McKay (Platinum awarded, Juno-nominated).   The iconic anthem features a powerful gang vocal-driven chorus, complete with marching drums courtesy of renowned drummer Tony Rabalao. 

On May 29th, LambLion released their single "Only The Brave," produced by Nashville’s Marc Copely (Bono, The Edge, Willie Nelson, Roseanne Cash, Joe Walsh).  The prophetic, swiftly-paced song about life, death and redemption was conceived in the course of one hour in Copely’s Nashville home studio just before the global quarantine. "Only The Brave" is an ode to strength and resilience in extraordinary times.


Electronic soul

Draguer is a producer/vocalist duo from Toronto. The project began by chance one night in the spring of 2013. Producer Adam Tune, after a breakup with his girlfriend, sat down and created a track to mark the occasion. It had an addictive grimy quality and a seductive darkness.  As he experimented with the mix, his phone rang. It was his longtime friend, singer/songwriter Oliver Pigott, calling for a sympathetic ear: His girlfriend of two years had just left him.  They met for drinks that night and traded war stories. Adam mentioned the track he'd been developing, and asked if Oliver might like to try writing a vocal melody. The result was LOVE HONEY, a mid-tempo club banger with Oliver's falsetto serving as a smooth finish.  Both busy with touring and other musical projects, the music was left untouched. From time to time one or the other would play them for friends and business contacts, always eliciting an enthusiastic response.  It would be six years before they revisited the music, encouraged by the few people who had heard the potential of the first run. They named it DRAGUER, a nod to the project's vaguely European flavor, meaning the French art of flirting.  Having remixed and remastered LOVE HONEY, Adam and Oliver are excited to introduce DRAGUER to a global audience: An innovative, sophisticated, enigmatic and sexy new musical endeavor; retro and cutting-edge all at once.

The Celebration Army

Rock Band

Ever wonder where the groove went? It enlisted in The Celebration Army.  All of it.  The Celebration Army's music strongly harkens to the golden ages of classic rock and R n B (and even to a raw, dirty sort of funk that people tend to keep a naughty secret). Listen to songs like "Black Blue Jeans" and you'll experience a stylistic breadth that takes listeners all the way from frenetic rock to ingenious hooks to driving funk and back again.  The Celebration Army grooves in a way that justifies excessive sweating, oddly moist lips, and ugly grimaces of musical hypnosis. Better yet, they give reviewers a chance to write things that would normally be too vague for publication. Troy Larabie lays it down with insanely tight drum work that is also delicious and crispy; Leandro Motta's bass playing is a massive, slippery eel of funk that somehow sounds right at home in a band that is not really a funk band. But it's always better to be specific: Oliver Pigott's powerful and technically stunning voice comes as a great sonic relief in a rock epoch typified by indie singers whose style is best described as vocal ennui; Nelson Sobral's guitar work is a masterclass not only in playing with artful restraint, but also in tone craft,he is never pretentious but pulls out every sweet, warm overdrive tone that has ever existed.




oliver Pigott

Session vocalist

"I have always been in awe of Oliver’s vocal facility and razor-sharp instinct for compelling lyrics and melodies.  In-studio, he is a consummate professional and can adapt smoothly to unexpected artistic challenges as songs often take new shapes during the recording process.  For example, he can execute a session vocal with great ease and finesse, often needing only one or two takes to reach perfection.  He can then give you a completely different interpretation, sing his own doubles and harmonies and nail every take.  I assure you, it takes years to develop such ability.  It is very much a valued commodity in the studio realm, where time is money.  I have witnessed producers finish a session very impressed by Oliver’s talent." ~Randy Cooke, Renowned Session Drummer/World Touring Musician

"Oliver has an uncanny aptitude to capture a song in one take, which is an extremely rare quality in a singer." ~Justin Abedin, Musician/Composer/Producer