Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

Oliver Pigott

2020 was a time of upheaval, change and uncertainty. For some it brought despair, hardship, a lesson in being present, and a call to bravery as we all faced great challenges a strange distance. Almost 2 months into 2021, and circumstances on the global stage continue to be unstable. But one thing is certain: our sense of community is stronger than ever.

On Dec. 21st, the day of the winter solstice, my wife Danka suggested I do a cover of “The Age Of Aquarius'' from the musical “Hair”. As we toyed with the idea, we played the famous 1969 cover by The 5th Dimension, which also includes the song “Let The Sunshine In”. We were transported and reminded of love and possibility.

Serendipitously, that same day, Danka saw a post online which said, "Aquarius will rule 2021: February 2021 will have seven planets in the sign of Aquarius. The last time this happened the Dark Ages died, and the Renaissance was born again.” Thus comes February 2021, and with it an evolution of Mind and Spirit. Interestingly, my twin sons are Aquarians born at the end of January; as are myself and my brother, who were both born in February.

I decided to dedicate this rendition to my sons (a symbol of the future generation), and release it on my 40th birthday. The significance of me reaching this critical juncture in my life has increased tenfold, in light of global events. It is the dawning of the age of Aquarius and here I am: A husband, a new father, an ever-unfolding artist and a man coming into his own. Amidst the chaos in the outer picture, I feel a deeper sense of purpose than ever before.

We asked two fellow artist-couples who are leaders in their communities to sing in the chorus of “Let the Sunshine In”. Here are their stories:

Married couple Adrian Agular and Brianna Borger (Aguilar) are former Broadway performers located in Chicago. Beloved artists in the Chicago and international scene for years, they cannot currently perform on stage, but they have not let that stop them. In Jan. 2021, they launched an online fitness program called “Painted Porch Fitness'' in an effort to bring physical and mental well-being to men and women across the US and Canada. (Check out:

Partners Katey Morley and Steve York are adored musicians in Toronto. During the lockdowns they began a series called, “Songs from Quarantine”. From their living room, they have been sharing beautiful covers of well-known songs for their Toronto and online community. They have also continued to create powerful music professionally (Check out Katey Morley’s E.P. "Hearts & Heads & Thoughts & Deeds.")

For the cover art, we wanted something evocative and otherworldly. In the dawning of a new age, how will our consciousness evolve? What gifts will we come into as Spiritual beings? We chose a collaborative art piece by body painter and multidisciplinary artist Natasha Kudashkina and acro yoga instructor The Little Yogini. The piece is striking in its cosmic and colorful essence. The women who created it inspire and heal people all over the world. As individuals, they are as radiant as their art suggests. (Check out: nkudashkina and thelittleyogini on instagram)

And so, although the outer picture may try to deceive us, the truth is that the freedom and beauty lies within. Let’s keep our heads up in 2021 and let the love and sunshine in!
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