Oliver Pigott

singer songwriter

Oliver Pigott writes songs that are raw, melodically intricate and poetically alive. Delivered with a heartfelt journeyman’s voice, he mixes folk n soul with '70s nostalgia, leading with a strong hook and a penchant for honest and enigmatic storytelling.

All of Oliver's music ensembles (Oliver Pigott, LambLion, Danka 'n' Ollie, The Pigott Brothers, The Celebration Army, Draguer) feature his original singing and songwriting.

On Oct. 20th, 2023, Oliver released his debut American single, "Eyes My Daddy Gave Me" produced by Clarence Jey of Tenn Tones Inc. in Nashville, TN.  Mr. Pigott will be releasing a series of singles leading up to his debut American album release in 2024. 

The Pigott Brothers

Harmony-driven acoustic pop

Oliver and Sebastian -aka The Pigott Brothers- shot to national fame on the last season of Canadian Idol as the first sibling finalists in the franchise’s history.

The two got their start in the band Laughing Sam’s Dice, who made waves in the Toronto Indie Scene in the early 2000s with appearances on CBC’s Jonovision and profiles in The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.

The Brothers’ blistering debut album “Pigottry” and the MuchMusic video for its single “Rich Man” were released to wide acclaim. This was followed by the overwhelmingly received release of their love song “Alien Like You”, which they wrote for Sebastian’s rock star character Kai in the international hit television series “Being Erica”.

Their second album, “The Age Of Peace”, was recorded, mixed and mastered at CBC Studios in Toronto. It was released September 14th, 2012.

When their busy schedules allow, the brothers have been known to collaborate on new material.  Talks of a 3rd album are always in the air, but yet to be confirmed.  One thing is for certain, the power-duo forged in brotherhood and love lives on in the hearts of Canadians and fans across the globe.   




LAMBLION, the Toronto husband-and-wife duo, has been honing their sound since 2019, an enigmatic mix of indie folk and Americana with indie rock undertones. Drawing from early lives spent in Portugal and Serbia, their music weaves divine lyrical abstraction into otherworldly harmony and melody, the extreme vocal highs and lows often transcending traditional male-female dynamics. 

WAR marks their first official release on all digital platforms. Produced by Toronto-based Thomas McKay (Platinum awarded, Juno-nominated).   The iconic anthem features a powerful gang vocal-driven chorus, complete with marching drums courtesy of renowned drummer Tony Rabalao. 

On May 29th, LambLion released their single "Only The Brave," produced by Nashville’s Marc Copely (Bono, The Edge, Willie Nelson, Roseanne Cash, Joe Walsh).  The prophetic, swiftly-paced song about life, death and redemption was conceived in the course of one hour in Copely’s Nashville home studio just before the global quarantine. "Only The Brave" is an ode to strength and resilience in extraordinary times.

Danka 'n' Ollie

Forever Friends

Children's music for the whole family! 

About Danka 'n' Ollie

Music for Veterans

Music for veterans and soldiers

Oliver Pigott has given his voice to several songs in support of veterans over the years including, "Vimy Ridge" and "6,000 Soldiers" by Michael J. Moore.  In 2017, Oliver was invited to be the featured vocalist for the War Memorial in Ottawa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  The nationally broadcast program was a touching moment for veterans in attendance, as well as Canadians across the country.  On Nov. 11th 2023 Oliver will release his own veteran anthem in the United States called "Holy Soldier" featuring Dr. Draw on violin.   All sales earned on Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th, 2023) will be donated to the organizations below in support of veterans and their families.

Wounded Warriors Family Support

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Charitable Service Trust