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Oliver's been a voice and guitar teacher for 15 years. He works with kids and adults alike, and utilizes an intuitive approach. There’s a strong emphasis on the goals of his students; whether they’re looking to perform live, learn a favourite lick, or develop a style all their own. One such success story is that of Misha Allard, a Toronto actress who had always wanted to sing live but had missed the opportunity growing up. During their lessons, Oliver helped Misha rehearse two-part vocal lines for two songs, which culminated in a live performance for friends and family at The Supermarket in Toronto.

Vocally Oliver specializes in pop, rock and country, as these genres comprise the bulk of his artistic background. He likes to focus on the mechanics of live performance,  bringing twenty-five years’ experience on stages across three continents. From the practical ins-and-outs of preparation (creating a gear checklist, developing a pre-show routine, etc.), to dealing with backstage jitters to moment-by-moment problem-solving techniques, Oliver delves into the psychology of the live experience. 

In short, Oliver teaches via practical application, rather than with the aid of workbooks. He prefers the malleability of the practical experience, as it allows for every student to learn according to their individual needs. He believe that a relaxed mindset is a foundation upon which one builds a spellbinding live performance, so for those students who are so inclined, he makes it his priority.